Karpenko Vladimir Nikitovich

Confirmation of the corpuscular concept of a structure of light in physics 19-20 centuries
Physical sense of a Plank constant

The report



In the report is exhibited, that in second half of 19-th century the wave concept spreading of light should concede corpuscular. It is impossible to negate apparent: experiment of Michelson 1881 on disclosure of motion of the Earth relatively of a so-called a ether, was negative for wave and at the same time positive for the corpuscular concept of light. Just the ignore of this fact also has resulted in creation of a relativity theory of A. Einstein, which insolvency is proved in earlier published article of the author. The discovery of M. Plank of light quantums, photoeffect, diffraction of electron is only stakes on path of the confirmation of the corpuscular concept a structure of light. It is under pressure of the similar facts the theory of a wave-corpuscle dualism has appeared. But it has not helped to not keep any more status quo. In the end with in the framework of a quantum mechanics (and stayed as a matter of fact, in point of fact wave!) was recognized: the wave function of a particle (her square) determines probability of presence by last in a definite point of a diffraction picture. And it already in spirit of the corpuscular concept of light without everyone there of "dualism". In the report the physical sense of a Plank constant is uncovered and her specified value is given. Dnepropetrovsk February 3, 2000

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